We are expanding our ValleyPBS Kids Ad campaign... 

We want to bring awareness to the beliefs and culture of Sikhs in America to prevent bullying and raise a generation of kids who recognize and respect the Sikhs in their communities. Our past campaign in Fresno, CA received a fantastic response and we are excited to produce and broadcast a new round of ads across America. 

...but we need your help!

Your donation today would help us cover production costs to make two new ads AND distribution of them. The more you give, the more people we reach!

Children are the future, and we feel the obligation to reach them during this critical time in their development. For Sikh kids, this is an opportunity for them to be represented online and on television AND provides a script they can use when classmates and peers have questions. For non-Sikh children, these ads introduce them to who we are and normalize our appearances and traditions.

Our research amongst adults has shown that pre-conceived negative sentiment is drastically reduced once people learn who Sikhs are and what we believe. These ads are an opportunity to prevent negative sentiment from forming in the first place, by reaching children early. 

If we want to see a world without violence and bullying, we need to start NOW! Please prayerfully consider how much you can contribute to this important campaign.

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