Our Mission

The National Sikh Campaign's (NSC) mission is to promote a better understanding of the Sikh community in America and other Western countries, and to project a positive image and profile of the Sikh community.

In order to fulfill this mission, NSC serves as a think tank that studies messaging & communications strategies as well as social, and cultural dynamics affecting the Sikh community. The campaign is also a forum and resource center for those interested in learning about the Sikh community and as a coordinator of other like-minded Sikh organizations. 

The campaign has worked closely with renowned messaging strategists from Hart Research Associates and AKPD Message & Media. The clients of these firms include: President Barack H. Obama, Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton, Harvard University, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Governor Deval Patrick, Disney/ESPN, the Coca-Cola Company, and the Wall Street Journal.

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