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Resources & Materials


We Are Sikhs brochure is a great free resource to help educate the general public about Sikhism. The brochure covers all the basics of the Sikh faith and our identity and the content has been tested and optimized to help an average American connect and understand our values. The brochure is a great handout at turban days, Gurdwara, or even your home & office!


We Are Sikhs Brochure Page 1


We Are Sikhs Brochure Page 2

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Pamphlet 

This pamphlet on Guru Nanak's teachings is an essential resource for the Sikh community to share with non-Sikhs, as it succinctly presents the core principles and philosophies of Guru Nanak's life and teachings in an accessible and comprehensive manner.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Pamplet Download


The infographics below summarize the results of Sikhism in the United States: What Americans Know & Need to Know.

The infographics are made for a Sikh-American audience to educate our community on how Sikhism and Sikhs are presently understood and perceived, key facts & values that are effective at raising awareness & changing perceptions with our fellow Americans, and how these key facts & values make an impact.

  • The Full Infographic contains the Understanding Reality, Raising Awareness & Changing Perspectives, and Making Impact sections
  • The Understanding Reality infographic that reveals how the broader American public currently understand Sikh Americans
  • The Raising Awareness & Changing Perceptions infographic shares the key images and values that have been tested and proven to effectively inform your neighbors of Sikh values and ultimately appreciate our community.
  • The Making an Impact infographic illustrates that when we accurately and effectively convey the message of Sikh values there is tremendous room to increase awareness and favorability of Sikh Americans

Please feel free to print them out and hang them up in your Gurdwara, office, home, etc.

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