What is the National Sikh Campaign?

Even though Sikhs have made great contributions to society like running major corporations, inventing fiber optics, and even claim the oldest athlete in the world these stories are never told. A majority of Americans cannot even accurately identify a Sikh. The few national conversations about Sikhism, have portrayed Sikhs as victims.  The Sikh community needs to define who we are because we know: Sikh values are American values.

As a result, the National Sikh Campaign is a data-driven, grassroots and media campaign that is being led with the help of top political strategists from the Obama and Hillary campaigns to build the image of Sikhs in America.

The campaign is reaching to various Gurdwaras, Sikh organizations, and stakeholders within America and internationally to create the largest network of Sikhs and the most influential PR effort ever for Sikhism.

Watch the video about the campaign below:

What is the campaign going to do?

Ultimately, the campaign will do four things to change the perception of Sikhs in America and organize our community:

  1. Conduct groundbreaking research and polling that will explore misperceptions toward Sikhs and how new information and visuals can change attitudes
  2. Conduct an integrated media campaign rooted in data driven, proven messaging with web and digital, and TV advertising, and national press coverage
  3. Build a bridge of understanding and mutual interests between Sikh Americans and leaders of other traditions
  4. Build an infrastructure to convene leaders from leading Sikh American organizations in a manner that fosters ongoing collaboration

Watch a video with Dr. Rajwant, Senior Adviser to National Sikh Campaign and Isaac Baker, Partner at AKPD explain the effectiveness of National Sikh Campaign's Strategy:

What is the goal of the campaign?

We hope to achieve four goals as result of this campaign:

  1. Highlight the Sikh community's contributions to American society
  2. Create an environment in which Sikhs don’t have to hide their articles of faith and who they are as people.
  3. A Sikh community that is organized and can begin using existing infrastructure to better integrate into American society
  4. Lay the foundation for more Sikhs to become leaders in the United States

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 PHOTO CREDITS: New York Times, NPR, Washington Post, Asian Fortune News


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